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Get 613 Area Code Ontario for Your Business

The proper solutions are necessary for achieving excellent business growth. Ottawa and the neighbouring Eastern Ontario region in Canada are serviced by area codes 613 and 343 of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP). One of the first 86 North American area codes, area code 613 was created in October 1947.

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613 area code- My country mobile

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Why Choose 613 area code for your Business?

Appear at an overall public of a few millions with a 613 district code telephone number.

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Ontario in terms of Businesses

Due to its sizable industrialised economy, burgeoning technological sector, variety of important conventional sectors, low corporation taxes, and incentive programmes, Ontario is a desirable province for investment in Canada. Due of these elements, it attracts investors and businesspeople who are looking for new markets to expand into.

The following businesses thrive very well in Ontario:

Hence you may wish to establish a new business or relocate an existing one to Ontario for high profitability leveraging the 613 area code.

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613 Area Code

Ottawa is included in the southeastern Ontario, Canada, area code 613, which also has a single overlay (343) that covers the same area. The area code 613 serves the following significant cities:

Why Does My Business Need 613 Area Code Phone Number ?

Ontario and the adjacent regions of Canada are served by area code 613. Having a local phone number that clients can remember and contact without paying long-distance fees is essential if you are a company trying to join the Ontario market. You may easily and successfully create a local presence by obtaining a local phone number with the 613 area code.

Applicable Ways Businesses Use 613 Area Code
Is 613 toll free? And how do I get one?

There is a toll charge when calling 613. With online phone service providers like, which enables you to personalise your own phone number, getting your own number is simple. You may easily obtain a code for your company by going to

Importantly too, when dialing always remember the area code.

While making a call, it’s crucial to remember to enter the area code. Dial the area code first, then the seven-digit number if the number you’re calling contains seven digits. Your call might not connect if the area code is not entered correctly, in which case your phone provider will advise you to hang up and try again.

Access the Following Advantages of Using 613 Area Code in Your business

It is impossible to overstate the advantages of obtaining a 613 area code for your company. Find more fantastic advantages below: